Recent Highlights

Recent Highlights #2


A Torch Against the Night – 5


The second instalment in the An Ember in the Ashes Quartet, was amazing. It thankfully avoided the second book syndrome, and I ended up loving it even more than the first. This instalment really expanded the world and the magic we briefly got to see in An Ember in the Ashes. But best of all, Sabba Tahir did a really good job of developing the characters. And being the character-loving person that I am, I really appreciated that. I was so attached to Laia, Elias and Helene by the end of it. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I’m so excited to see what happens next, especially with how it all left off. I NEED ANSWERS!!

The Beauty of Darkness – 4.5 


The Remnant Chronicles was one of the series I knew I wanted to complete this year, and now I have (yay!). I ended up really enjoying The Beauty of the Darkness, but I did find the pay off of the ending was way too short. There was just so much build up for everything to get wrapped up in about one chapter. Other than that, it was a great conclusion to the trilogy. It’s definitely a series I would recommend to everyone, just so you can read Lia’s insane character growth.

The Queen of the Tearling – 5 ★


Out of the three, this is my favourite book by far. I was so surprised by how good this was. I became so obsessed with this story which hasn’t happened in a while, and I loved that. It was beautifully written and had some really awesome characters. I’ll definitely be reading the second book in December because I need more of this story in my life. Please check this out, if you haven’t already.


I’ve been watching a ton of TV recently. Like a lot. Most of it’s been catching up of some of my favourites.

But I did start a few new shows too.


Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

I was eagerly awaiting this to drop on Netflix and as soon as it did, I devoured it. This was everything I’d hoped and more. It was so nice to be back in Stars Hollow. Nothing had changed, everyone was exactly the same. My favourite episode was hands down the Fall one. I was a complete mess after it, and I was unable to do anything. And those last four words…WTF? I refuse to believe this is the end.


Sense 8 

A year later and I finally got round to finishing Sense 8. And boy was it good. It’s up there with a handful of shows I instantly became obsessed with. It’s so well written, fantastically acted, and the fact there is so much diversity in it made this even better. It’s all I’ve thought about for a week now and I’m seriously tempted to re-watch it before the Christmas Special comes out. Highly recommend. GO WATCH IT!!!



I started this on a whim because I was in need a fun, quick show that made me laugh, which is exactly what this did. But what made me love this show even more, was how it doesn’t shy away from the heavier topics. It’s been really fun seeing Anthony Anderson do TV (I’ve only ever seen him do film), and he’s really good in it. The kids are amazing too, especially the twins. I’ve just started Season 2, and its already off to a great start. 😆

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend.

As always, thanks for reading.

Marian ❤




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