Tome Topple TBR | Round 2

In a few days time, Tome Topple returns and I could not be more happy.

Tome Topple is a readathon created by Sam (Thought On Tomes) where the aim is to read the bigger books off your TBR. It’s a two week readathon that runs from November 18th to December 1st. There’s only one rule to it, and that is the books have to be ≥500 pages. There are also challenges to complete if you want. Other than that, it’s pretty chill.

I’ve set a fairly achievable TBR, one I have a good chance of accomplishing.

And those books are:

1. City of Heavenly Fire


2. The Beauty of Darkness


Both are endings to series I’ve wanted to complete this year. So here’s to hoping that I actually get it done.

As this is one of my favourite readthons, let me know if you’re participating so we can cheer each other on. 😄

As always, thanks for reading.





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