The Autumn Reading Tag

1. Are there any books you plan on reading over the Autumn season?

Basically all the heavier books I’ve been saving. They’ll mainly be fantasy but I’m hoping to add some historical fiction and classics in there too. I did do a whole post on all the books I’m hoping to read in these colder months, so you can check that out here if you’re interested.

2. September brings back to school memories: what book did you most enjoy studying? And what were your favourite and least favourite school subjects?

Pride and Prejudice and The Merchant of Venice. I had such fun reading, analysing and discussing them. They’re the few books I actually enjoyed writing papers on.

I adored Maths and Biology. I also really enjoyed English too. But it wasn’t until later on that I found my love for it.

My least favourites was Physics and PE. I dreaded those lessons, and I’m so glad I haven’t had to do them past my GCSEs.

3. October means Halloween: do you enjoy scary books and films? If so what are some of your favourites?

Horror isn’t really my genre. And even though I love being scared,  I haven’t really got any favourites. If you got any recommendations, please leave me a comment.

4. With November it’s time for bonfire night & firework displays. What’s the most exciting book you’ve read that really kept you gripped?

The Diviners, Ship of Destiny and An Ember in the Ashes 

All of these hooked me and did not let go.

5. What book is your favorite cosy comfort read?


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I have so many memories connected to this book. I use to read it all the time when I was younger, and there was a time where it was the only book I read. I would finish it and then pick it right back up; making it my most read HP book. I wouldn’t say its my favourite of the bunch (bearing in mind I haven’t re-read the series as an adult, so that might change), but because of all the feelings I have towards it, it’s definitely the one I turn to whenever I need a comfort read.

6. Curled up with a good book, what is your hot drink of choice? Any plans you’re looking forward to over the next few months?

That would be a big cup of tea. There’s just something so cosy about it. No greater feeling.

And in terms of plans, there isn’t really much going on that’s exciting. I’m just looking forward to spending time the fam and reading all the books.

I tag anyone who wants to do it. 😄

As always, thanks for reading.

Marian ❤ 


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