Recent Highlights

Recent Highlights

So in today’s post I wanted to share all the stuff I’ve taken a fancy to over the last few weeks or so. This could be anything from books to movies to TV shows, or even what my favourite dish has been lately.

There’s quite a few things to get through today, so let’s get on with it.


The Goal 5 ★


The final book in the Off-Campus series came out last month and I pretty much spent a whole day devouring it. I don’t know if I’ve said this before but I am a HUGE fan of this new-adult series and reading the last book was kinda bittersweet. Like all the others, I enjoyed this installment immensely but I was kinda bummed that we wouldn’t be getting anymore (she is doing a spin-off though, so there is that to look forward to). The characters were on point and the story itself was wonderful too. If you think you’d be interested, I would highly suggest checking it out.

Carry On – 5 ★


After months and months of meaning to reading it, I finally got round to reading Carry On, and…. it was amazing. I was so surprised by how much I bloody loved it. It was everything I wanted and so much more. I found it charming and compelling and at times really, really funny. I adored all the characters, particularly Simon, Baz and Penelope. The beginning wasn’t as slow as I thought it to be and I actually really liked the start. I had such a fun time reading Carry On and its certainly gonna be one of my favourites of the year.

Empire of Storms – 5 ★


One of my most anticipating books of the year and it did not fail to disappoint. The fifth book in the Throne of Glass series took my heart, stomped on it and then set fire to it. I was not expecting Sarah J. Maas to completely destroy me and now I am kinda scared to see how my favourite series is going to end. But you can bet your ass, I’m counting down the days till I can get my hands on it.

Red Rising – 4 ★


While I do like sci-fi, I do still consider myself fairly new to the genre. I haven’t read much from it but what I have read I’ve really enjoyed, and Red Rising was no different. I didn’t know much going into it and what I got, was certainly not what I was expecting. This YA sci-fi dystopian was very grim and gritty, making it one captivating read. It did take me awhile to get use to the writing style and for me to get a hang on all the terms, but once I did I could not put it down.


The Walking Dead


After the Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead is probably one of the most talked about TV shows that’s on right now. I’d always wanted to give it a go to see what everybody else was raving about. So I gave it a chance, and now I’m hooked. I’m currently halfway through Season 4 and I’m terrified of what’s to come.



I watched this 2 months ago and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It is the most addictive show I have ever watched (no joke). I marathoned the first 2 seasons in about 10 days, because that’s how sucked in I got. Basically, UnReal is a drama following the executive producer and producer of a Bachelor-esqe TV show. It essentially exposes the inner workings of running such a show, which is all so manipulative and cut-throat. It’s kinda scary to think that the real Bachelor may actually run like that. I dare anyone to not watch it and not be addicted too.


 A lot of changes have happened recently, but thankfully things have started to settle down now. But for a moment there, I couldn’t see how things would. I am the type of person who hates changes, so it has been somewhat interesting couple of months.

I’m currently job hunting which is its own stress, that I feel like no one tells you about. Hopefully I’ll get one soon because I don’t think I can handle more of this.

Also had a massive clear-out of all the junk I don’t need anymore, and that has helped massively in me feeling de-stressed and just better about my surroundings.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend.

As always, thanks for reading.

Marian ❤


2 thoughts on “Recent Highlights

  1. You’ve read Carry On!! This is making me even more excited to read, I seriously need to read it before the end of the year 🙂

    I relate to your feelings in so many levels. The last couple of months have been hectic for me too. But thankfully things are getting better now. I don’t like change, but change is inevitable and we have to adapt to new things. I don’t even want to think about how stressful is to be job hunting, in a few months I’m going to be in that same position and it stresses me out, but I’m trying to get better at dealing with my anxiety. I hate sharing/talking about my issues with people, because I think they won’t understand or they would not care about it, and that’s such a negative thought.

    hahaha I talk too much, but I’m so incredibly happy you are ok and that you decided to return to social media 😀 I’m sure great things will come your way!! Wish you best of luck.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. After how long. 🙄 I didn’t think I was going to read at one point. I can’t wait for you to read it though. It was so much fun, a lot more than I was expecting.

      It’s good to hear things are settling down for you. I always feel like I lose my bearings when too much change happens at once. And I know change means progress (most of the time anyway) but it’s always hard getting use to it.

      I’ll be stressed for you. 😂 But I do hope you have a much better experience than I’m having. And I totally understand your anxiety. Mine’s been through the roof. Blogging has helped immensely. Keeps my mind off it for a while.

      I’m exactly the same way. I hate opening up to people too. But if you find you wanna talk to someone, I’m here. 😊

      I hope so too and I wish the same to you too.

      Lastly, I just wanna say thank you for this comment. It really made my day. 😌 (Also the longer, the better 😆)


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