Bookish Facts

25 Bookish Facts

Hey guys!

I know it’s been a while but now that my exams are over, I thought it was about time I “relaunched” ze old blog. And in honour of coming back, I decided to do a Bookish Facts post as kinda of a way to introduce myself again.  I’ve really missed blogging and this community, so I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things and do a huge ol’ catch up.

So let’s get on with it. 😆

1. While reading, I can’t switch between different formats. I can’t start reading a physical book and then switch to an audiobook.

2. I try to buy books I know I’ll re-read

3. I always read faster on my kindle. I don’t know why but for some reason I fly through books on it.

4. I can never read books in one sitting and I’m always amazed at those that can.

5. I love reading on public transport, its one of my favourite reading places.

6. I’ve only been in one major reading slump. That lasted for 5 months back in 2014.

7. I can read multiple books at once. Mixing storylines isn’t a problem for me.

8. I mainly read laying down.

9. One of my favourite things about high school was a little bookclub me and my friends had.

10. I love reading negative reviews and seeing why others don’t like it, even if does hurt a little.

11. I don’t get the appeal of Funko Pops.

12. I HATE open ended, ambigious endings. I never feel closure when authors do that.

13. I rarely DNF books. I think I’ve only done 1 or 2 times.

14. I’ve only just started listening to audiobooks and that’s because I didn’t think I could keep up.

15. I watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone before I read the book.

16. I can stop reading at any point. I don’t need to reach the end of a sentence or a chapter.

17. My sisters get the brunt of my emotions when I’m reading, despite the fact they really don’t care.

18. Whenever I spot a person reading, I have to know what book it is. Call me nosy.

19. Mismatching series don’t bother me at all anymore.

20. I like it when chapters have titles.

21. I hate when page one isn’t the beginning of chapter one/prologue.

22. After being disappointed by adaptations countless times, I now “try” to separate the source material from the adaptation.

23. I’m a very impatient person when it comes to books which is why I hate the wait between books in a series.

24. I never cover buy.

25. I mainly buy books online but I love the feel of bookshops.

There you have it, 25 facts.

Thas was surprisingly really fun to do and I hoped you enjoyed it.

As always, thanks for reading.



6 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts

      1. That’s definitely a factor.😄 And I find that knowing the estimated time until the end of the book helps too. I can estimate the time I need to dedicate to finishing it. Helps with planning my day.


  1. I relate to this so much!

    I also feel I read faster on my kindle. I usually put the reading progress in percentage and that really helps me. Once I reach 60% I fly through it. I also like the option of time to finish chapter, I always find myself just wanting to finish the chapter. With physical copies I can put the book down even if I haven’t finish the chapter.

    I read the Final Empire and The Well of Ascension so fast on my kindle, then I decided to buy the paperback editions and it’s taking me so long to finish The Hero of Ages, not because I’m not loving it, but it’s so easy to put the book down. But it’s not just that book, I’ve been picking up books and putting then down, even though I’m enjoying them. I’m just in a weird mood.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yes!! Happy to hear that.😝

      I’m like that too. Knowing how much time is left in the book and in the chapter, is the main reason I finish books quicker. Having that estimate makes things so much easier.

      Whenever I’m overwhelmed or busy, I get usually get like that. I can never stick to one book for the life of me. 😁 Hope you get out of it soon, so I can discuss The Hero of Ages with you. 😊


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