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Reading Wrap Up: February 2016

Hey guys,

We’ve reached that time in the month again were I share the books that I have read. I managed to complete 3 books in February and was so close to finishing a fourth. Nonetheless, here are all my thoughts on the ones I did finish.

Winter 4.75 stars


I’m one of those people who puts off the last books in series because I hate being disappointed. So after two months of just staring at Winter from my shelves, I worked up the “courage” to finally complete this beloved series. And I’m happy to say that I really liked it. I loved every moment I was reading it and was always excited to pick it back up whenever I put it down.

The book did however drag slightly in the middle, which didn’t bother me much as I absolutely love these characters. Also the final showdown was a tad convenient but it’s a fairytale retelling, so what do you expect. Overall, a great ending to the series. Highly recommend The Lunar Chronicles, if you have yet to read them.

Vicious 4 stars


After reading A Darker Shade of Magic last month, I needed more of Schwab’s writing in my life. I had this on my Kindle and I thought why the heck not. Though I enjoyed this quite a bit, I had to dock it a star because I couldn’t fully connect with the main characters, Victor and Eli. They were both self-involved and awful people which was what threw me with this book. It’s certainly one I’ll have to re-read in the future to fully appreciate the story.

Between Shades of Gray4.75 stars


I won’t say much on this as I did a spoiler-free review for it but this is hands down the best book I’ve read this month. It did take a few chapters for it to get going but once I was over that hump, I had know how things were going to work out. So if haven’t read it, then please do. It’s such an amazing book.

There you have it. My February reading wrap up.

Hope you all had a great reading month.

As always, thanks for reading.



5 thoughts on “Reading Wrap Up: February 2016

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed Winter. I absolutely loved it. I agree that it was a good ending to the series and it’s definitely my favorite book in the series. Although I’m sad the series is over 😥 But now we have Marissa’s new book, Heartless, to look forward to!

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    1. When I finished Winter, it hit me that they will be no more books.😢 Gonna really miss those characters. It’ll always be a fave though.😊

      Can’t wait for Heartless, so excited!! It sounds like something I’ll really like.

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