Bite-Sized Reviews #1

Hey guys,

Just wanna say a belated Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it and if don’t I hope you had a wonderful day regardless.

So my favourite type of content on ingest are review posts. They’re the ones I like to write and the ones I like to read from others (though I do like tag posts as well).

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to review every single book I read but I do have things I’d like to say about each of them. So hopefully, these post will give me the opportunity to review the books I have read in a more bite-sized fashion.

And today they comprise of the following books:

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before3.95 stars


I was need of a fun, cute contemporary back in the summer and this was the perfect fit. The book started off slow but luckily it did picked up around 50 pages in. For the most part, the plot was engaging but it did fall flat at times.

 My favourite aspect of the novel was the relationship between Lara Jean (MC) and her family. Jenny Han wrote it in such a way that made it feel believable, making me wanna be a part of it. However, a gripe I do have which is also one of my bookish pet peeves, was the lack of communication between the characters. By simply talking through the issues, things could have been solved a lot quicker.

Overall I did enjoy it and would recommend it, if you wanted a quick, fun read that would make you smile.

P.S I Still Love You 3 stars


I had a different experience with this book than I did the first.

I read it pretty soon after To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and basically it was okay. I liked it but it wasn’t something special. And now, while I write this review, I don’t think I really needed this book despite the abrupt ending of its predecessor. It was pleasant enough but I think I could have lived without it.

If you liked the characters in the first book, I’d say there’s some merit in reading it but don’t hold your breath.

The Deal 5 stars


New adult is a genre where I experience more misses than hits but The Deal was definitely a huge hit.

I read this over the space of a day for the sole reason that I needed to know what happened. While it was cheesy in parts and I did roll my eyes at certain sections, it was a phenomenal read for me.

The banter and the relationship between the main characters was what kept me reading. Under-developed characters are why most new adult books don’t meet the mark but Hannah and Garrett were far from that. They were so interesting and fleshed out, making them exceptional characters to read about.

I really admired Elle Kennedy’s decision to not let Hannah’s experience with rape be her focal plot point. It was very refreshing to see.

I absolutely loved this book and one I can see loads of people loving, even though they don’t particularly like new adult.

So there you have it, a few bite sized reviews of books I’ve wanted to review.

As always, thanks for reading








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