Wrap up

October Wrap Up 2015

Hey guys,

As predicted I didn’t read as much as I thought I would, but 4 books in a month is still pretty decent.

I completing went against my Want to Read list and ended up picking up a trilogy that blindsided me and took over my life.


 Here are the 4 books I read in October:

1. The Bone Season5 stars

I started this in September but I read the majority of it in October and man was it good! I have had this series on my radar ever since the first book came out and its taken me nearly two years to finally read it.

This was such a great start to a long series and I’m so excited to continue on with it.

Will be doing a full review soon!

2. Shadow and Bone 5 stars

The Grisha Trilogy completely took over my reading life. I had no plans to read it whatsoever but it kept staring at me from my bookshelf and so I had to pick it up.

Shadow and Bone was so fast-paced that I read it in a day. I got sucked in and I had to know what happened next. If you haven’t read it yet, you need to get on it.

3. Siege and Storm 4 stars

Naturally, after the way Shadow and Bone ended, I immediately moved onto book 2.

This was much slower paced than Shadow and Bone and while it was not boring and I continued to turn the pages, it did lose a bit of the magic the first book had.

Leigh Bardugo has this amazing gift of being able to create evil characters, whom you root for and fall in love with, despite all their wicked actions.

The character growth was insane and Alina (the MC) goes through so much. I loved how she dealt with the situations she was placed in, making her a favourite heroine.

4. Ruin and Ruising 4.5 stars

After finishing book 2 of The Grisha Trilogy, off I hopped to book 3.

The concluding novel was slightly bittersweet and while I enjoyed the book and thought it was a great conclusion to such a great series, I did feel like certain aspects were rushed.

I have never in my life marathoned a series before. I do feel like this was the best way to read this trilogy and I throughly enjoyed the process. Don’t know if I’ll do it again but it was certainly an experience.

So I had another great reading month.

We’ll see if such luck continues.

Leave me comment telling me what book(s) you read in October

As always, thanks for reading



One thought on “October Wrap Up 2015

  1. I finally had chance to follow your blog! I kept seeing it on Instagram so now I’m finally on the computer I can take a look through it 😀 (also followed you on twitter too!) I’m glad you love The Bone Season as much as I do! I’ll be reading Shadow and Bone soon so it’s good to see good reviews of it 🙂

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