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November Want To Reads

Hey guys,

Now that October is gone, we’re now another month closer to Christmas!

November is special month to me, for no particular reason other than the atmosphere it creates (I sound crazy, I know). The buzz and the excitement of pre-christmas joy is so infectious, making it a perfect time to read.

I have a very fantasy-filled want to read list this month and I’m super excited to get to them all.

So here are the books I intend to read. (This may all change though)

1. The Mime Order

 I currently have under 200 pages left and I don’t want it to end. This series will be the death of me. Paige + Warden ❤

2. Cress

I purposefully put off reading this because I knew I couldn’t handle the wait between this and Winter.

3. Winter

I have preordered Winter and will be delving into it as soon as possible.

4. Assassin’s Apprentice

Since I completed all the ASOIAF books, I have had this huge epic fantasy-sized hole which I hope this series will fill. I have heard nothing but great things about the Farseer Trilogy and Robin Hobb.

5. The Name Of Wind

I don’t know much about this book and the blurb is super vague but I have read the prologue and it seems very intriguing.

So those are all the book I want to read this November.

Leave me a comment telling me what’s on your November to-read list.

As always, thanks for reading



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