The Bookish Scenario Tag

Hey guys, I wanna say a quick thank you to Oliva (Heir of Glitter) for tagging me to this really fun tag. There are 7 questions to answer, so let’s get on with the tag! 1) You have to get rid of all your books and you can only keep one from each of these…… Continue reading The Bookish Scenario Tag


Books I’m Thankful For 

This week Top 5 Wednesday is the 5 books that you’re most thankful for. I know this is super late, but uni got the way and I wasn’t able to post it on Wednesday like it wanted to. 😔 So in no particular order are the 5 books that I’m most thankful for and have…… Continue reading Books I’m Thankful For 


Real Neat Blog Award

Thanks to Ashleigh over at A frolic through fiction for nominating me for the Real Neat Blog Award. This is my first ever nomination for an award so lets get on with answering the questions. The Rules: Thank and link the person who nominated you Answer the 7 question your nominator has provided Nominate 7…… Continue reading Real Neat Blog Award

Sunday Reads

Sunday Reads #6

Hey guys, How’s your week been? Mine’s been good, other than when I learnt about the Paris shootings on Friday. It was so upsetting and horrific. All my thoughts and prayers go to the people of Paris and to all those who have lost loved ones in the shootings. ❤ I haven’t done a Sunday Reads…… Continue reading Sunday Reads #6


Books I Want To Read Before The End Of The Year: 2015 Edition

Hey guys, The end of the year is nigh and I though it would be fun to share with you, all the books I want to read before 2015 ends. A end of year TBR, if you will. I saw this idea on a video that Regan from PersueProject uploaded recently. It seemed really fun…… Continue reading Books I Want To Read Before The End Of The Year: 2015 Edition