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Sunday Read #6: October Want to Read

Hey guys,

Now that school is officially underway, I know for a fact that my reading will be taking a back seat from now on. However having said that, the list of books I have chosen to read for October is well, ambitious to say the least.

I’m currently reading two books at the moment. Both of which I am throughly enjoying and they are The Bone Season and Jane Eyre. I have had a strong urge to read a classic this month and choosing Jane Eyre was the perfect choice. It’s much more easier to read than I thought it would be. I love the main character and I’m intrigued to find out where her story goes.

For over a year now, I have had The Bone Season patiently sitting on my bookshelf. To say that I am kicking myself for not starting earlier, is an understatement. One of the reasons I didn’t pick it before was because I was afraid that I wasn’t going to like it. I know that’s a stupid notion to have, since I obviously I’m not like every single book out there. But there was just something about this book, I did not want to be disappointed by. Anyway those qualms were pointless and if you were like me and you are hesitant to pick up The Bone Season, all I have to say is just do it!


Once I’ve read those, I’ll hopefully getting to the following books:

1. Dreams of Gods and Monsters

This is a carry on from last month. I am kind of nervous to pick it up though as I don’t want this series to end. *sad face*

2. Rise of Empire

I read the first book in this trilogy last month and I loved it. I have no idea where the story will go but I extremely pumped to find out.

3. The One Plus One

I picked this out of my “unread books” jar this month which I’m grateful for as it will break up all the fantasy I’ll be reading. The blurb sounded fascinating and I can’t wait to dive into it.

So that’s what I’ll be reading in October. I’m super excited for all the books I’ve chosen.

Leave me a comment telling me which book your are particularly excited to read this month.

As always, thanks for reading.



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