Series Breakdown

Series Breakdown: The Mistborn Trilogy

Hey guys,
Want a series full of action, heartbreak and a cool magic system? Then go pick The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson!


Overall Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Fantasy


The Final Empire: 647

The Well of Ascension: 763

The Hero of Ages: 724

I read this series in the first half of 2015 and it may well be the best series I have read all year. It had everything I wanted in a high fantasy and more. If you are new to Sanderson like I was, I’d suggest that you start with the Mistborn books as they set the foundation for the rest of his work.

Personally, what I hadn’t predicted was how easy the writing style was going to be. Sanderson is usually grouped in with other high fantasy writer such as George R.R Martin, Patrick Rothfuss etc. but this series was not as dense, as for example, ASOIAF is. Even though the books do contain long, descriptive passages they aren’t as dull as they potentially could have been. The Mistborn Trilogy, I would say, is in between a young adult book and an adult book. It’s not as complicated to read as an adult book but it is a step above a young adult book.  All in all, Brandon Sanderson’s writing was excellent and a joy to read.

In this series, there are a cast of characters that you fall in love with the moment you meet them. The main character throughout this series is Vin; a street urchin who has the power of allomancy (the ability to control metals). She is roped in by Kelsier, in a plan to topple the Lord Ruler. Also in cahoots with Kelsier are a gang of thieves, aiding him on his mission.  Each of the characters in these books bring a unique attribute to the story and I loved that. There are all so memorable and different that you are not wondering who’s who in the middle of the book. In addition, they were all just so fun to read out about and I throughly enjoyed the camaraderie between them.

While the writing style and the characters were a delight to read, I had a few issue with the plot. The first book, The Final Empire, was really good. It moved along very well and there weren’t any slow bits. The second book on the other hand, The Well of Ascension, was a slower read for me. It turned into a more of a political/scheming novel, and though I normally relish those types of books, this one seemed to lag. The final book, The Hero of Ages, nonetheless made up for it. It was an explosive finale which takes you on one exhausting ride from start to finish. Even now, after 3 months of reading it, I’m still amazed by how Brandon Sanderson wrapped up this trilogy.

There are a few other things I wanted to mention that astounded me in this series. Firstly, the prologue. As I’ve said before, prologues are for me, the bit in the book I enjoy the least. Usually they’re pointless and confusing and have little or no bearing on the story. Yet when I read the prologue in The Final Empire, I was kind of thrown by how good it was. The second thing I want to mention is the magic system. Brandon Sanderson has created a magic system which is so cool and clever that I secretly wished I had the ability to do allomancy.

In conclusion, I obviously loved the Mistborn Trilogy and would without a doubt recommend it to all. I will definitely be re-read them in the future, especially the first book which was my favourite of the three.

So with my first excursion into Brandon Sanderson being a success, it has naturally made me eager to pick up his other books. The Way of Kings or Warbreaker are the next books of Sanderson I hope to get to soon.

Lastly, Brandon Sanderson is a phenomenal fantasy writer with excellent storytelling abilities and if not for that reason alone, I urge you to check out the Mistborn books as well as Sanderson himself.

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