Sunday Reads

Sunday Read #3: September Want to Read

Hey guys,

In addition to telling you what I’ll be reading this upcoming week, I decided to also incorporate my September Want to Reads. I have under a month left before I start my final year of university, which will undoubtedly be a pretty hectic year for me, and this may well be the only time I get to read without the looming threat of deadlines.

My Want to Read list is pretty ambitious, with it consisting of books over 500 pages long. Majority of these books are the ends of series and I want to get to them soon before I begin school. However, this isn’t a set list. The books I’ve chosen so far could totally change, depending on how I feel.

2015-08-30 04.07.58 1

For this upcoming week, I’ll be finishing off Heir of Fire which I’m re-reading in preparation for the release of Queen of Shadows (eek!). I’m nearly done with it but I’ve got to say that I’m enjoying so much more the second time around. I’m also slowly making my way through Theft of Swords, which I’m absolutely loving.

Now onto what I’d like to read in September.

I’ve chosen 3 books that I want to get to this month and they are as follows:

1. Queen of Shadows

This will be the first book I’ll be getting to and I can’t wait to dive into it.

2. Dreams of Gods and Monsters

This is the last book in the trilogy and I’m excited to find out how it will all wrap up.

3. Clockwork Princess

This is the final book in the trilogy and once I’ve completed it, I can move on to finishing off the rest of The Mortal Instruments series.

That concludes what I’ll be reading in September.

Leaving a comment telling me what you’ll be reading this week/month.

Thanks for reading



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