Coffee Book Tag

Hey guys,

So its Tag time again and this time I’m doing the Coffee Book Tag which was created by the booktuber BangadyBangz.

A fun fact about me is that I love coffee. I could drink it all day and everyday but nothing in my eyes beats a cup of tea.

Now then, let’s get on with the Tag!

1. Black:

Name a series that’s tough to get into but has hardcore fans.

This has got be the The Chaos Walking Trilogy. Albeit I’ve only read the first book in the trilogy, I found it really difficult to get into. It started to get better towards the end, making me want to continue on with the series, however my expectations have been lowered considerably for the rest of the series.

2. Peppermint mocha:

Name a book that gets more popular during the winter or a festive time of year.

Any of the Harry Potter books or the A Song of Ice and Fire books.

3. Hot chocolate:

What is your favourite children’s book?

Besides Harry Potter, I loved the all Roald Dahl books and the A Series of Unfortunate Events books.

4. Double shot of espresso:

Name a book that kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

This goes to The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson. This book, especially the last half, had me at the edge of me seat. Whenever I started to think that “yep, this is how its going to go down”, Brandon Sanderson took it to another level and basically blew my mind.

5. Starbucks:

Name a book you see everywhere.

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. It’s been getting a lot of buzz recently and I need to get to it soon before the hype kills it for me.

6. That hipster coffee shop:

Give a book by an indie author a shoutout.

Natasha Preston who is the author of Silence. I read her book last year and I really enjoyed it; gave it four stars. It’s about this girl who’s mute and in the book she has to faces up to her past in order to move forward. Definitely one I recommend to all!

7. Oops! I accidentally got decaf:

Name a book you were expecting more from.

Me, Earl and the Dying Girl. I read it this month and was expecting so much more from it. I didn’t care for any of the characters, the plot was weird and it basically felt, to me anyway, kind of self-serving.

8. The perfect blend:

Name a book or series that was both bitter and sweet but ultimately satisfying.

The Mistborn Trilogy, Vampire Academy series and the Legend series.

Those were my answers to the tag and I tag anyone who wants to do it.

I hoped you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading



4 thoughts on “Coffee Book Tag

  1. Harry Potter & A Song of Ice and Fire always end up in my tags lol. They are classics. I loved Roald Dahl growing up and I really liked the unfortunate Event books, but eventually got bored of them because the series just kept going.
    HOW GOOD WAS HERO OF AGES!!! I think Sanderson did such a good job with that whole storyline and I really loved that book. I have the name of the wind and wanted to read it sometime soon, we should do a buddy read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Uh, yes to the buddy read 🙌. Its been two months since I read The Hero of Ages and I am honestly not over the ending 😩. And why does Harry Potter apply to almost all tags?

      P.S Thanks for the comment, you’ve been the first person to leave me one.


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