Sunday Reads

Sunday Reads #1


Hey guys,

This is my version of the Friday Reads videos/posts that are very popular in the book vlogging/blogging community. I am usually a one-book-a-week type of person depending on the book. The majority of the books I read are 500-600 pages long and I can’t physically read more than that. Though if a book is amazing I can more often than not fly through it and read more than one.  So in these posts I will be listing the book(s) I intend to read in the upcoming week.

This week I will be reading two books that I started during the #TBRTakedown 2.0 readathon.

The first book I started and now more than a halfway through is Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. I am really enjoying it so far and I hope to finish it soon.

The second book that I just picked up off my bookshelf because I was in a fantasy mood was Theft of Swords by Michael J.Sullivan. I have read around 80 pages and I’m pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to read. Fantasy can sometimes be clunky to read and can take awhile to get into. However, Michael J.Sullivian writes in a way that you just get sucked into the novel and you want know what happens next. I think this would be a great book for anyone who is a newbie to the fantasy genre. The book is a bind up of two novels and for this week I aim to read the first one.

So these will be the books I’ll be reading for the next week. We will see how much I read in the next post.

Thanks for reading



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